New Year Reflections
December 31, 2009

The New Year brings time for reflection, my family have been so fortunate this year, we welcomed my beautiful daughter, Ava. And whilst we haven’t really celebrated her first Christmas we we thankful that my Dad is still with us following heart surgery. So many families are not fortunate to have had a loved one undergo surgery, they are not given that second chance. Despite Dad being discharged from hospital on Christmas eve, we have sent most days since in emergency and he has been admitted both Christmas night and NYE. Missing out on Christmas and NY celebrations is nothing new to my family, we are a hospitality family so when everyone is celebrating, we are working. But the medical staff working over Christmas and New Year are absolute angels!

The fabulous medical staff at Ashford hospital, in Accident & Emergency and also in the Cardiac Care Unit are truly remarkable. These people put their lives on hold, to care for others. Selflessly working, Doctors and surgeons consulting in the early hours of the morning, and then back again at 7am. Words can’t express our gratitude. My charity of choice is the Heart Foundation, and  now even more so, check out the heart foundations website, it has some great tips about how to approach fitness and diet.

My first personal experience with dedicated medical staff was also at Ashford hospital, where Ava was born. My Obstetrician and Ava’s paediatrician. I have so many letters to write now that it is the New Year, to thanks these wonderful, selfless individuals.  And of course in writing to these people I need beautiful cards and stationery.

Kombi By Tim Crawshaw

My Christmas cards for 2009 were by my very dear friend and thoughtful photographer, Tim Crawshaw.   The Kombi is my favourite card, it reflects our Christmas far better than the snowmen and white Christmas themes. It infuriates me when going to my local newsagency and on offer are winter themed Christmas cards, so irrelevant! To Tim’s website I went, Tim has a collection on RedBubble, gorgeous cards, a canvas and a stunning wall calendar.  With RedBubbles quick and easy ordering process and fast delivery you will be writing to your loved ones in no time!

The Cruel Sea - Tim Crawshaw

Jetty Mechanix by Tim Crawshaw

Winner of the BYO Coffee Cup + Tease  Tea pack is ‘Anita’

congratulations Anita and I will get in touch with you soon for your postal address, so I can send your great prize pack out to you.

I am determined to make a concerted effort to write to my family and friends, it doesn’t have to be a ream of paper, maybe just a thoughtful note in a gorgeous card, or a short note to let those special few know, I am thinking of them. This week I have a beautiful letter writing set from the gorgeous Italian made (the best stationery comes from Italy) Portofino letter writing and note card, new to Tonic I haven’t yet listed them on the website, Pack is valued at over $50. Please subscribe to the blog and make a comment on this post to be in the running for the beautiful letter writing pack. Good luck and thanks for following my blog.

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Happy New Year to you all, 2010 is going to be fabulous!


My Love of All Things White…Plus BYO Cup Giveaway
December 18, 2009

Congratulations to Silvana Mitrevski,winner of our Murchison-Hume Laundry Pack. You will be receiving it shortly, I bet you go straight home and start doing the laundry, these products are simply irresistible, brings out the domestic goddess in anyone!  I was so impressed with the number of entries I received for this give away, thank goodness I was able to draw the winner with the assistance of

Murchison-Hume Luxury Laundry Soak

Murchison-Hume Canvas Laundry Bag

My love White on White decor

My love of the white on white theme first evolved when I purchased my first home. Being a relatively small apartment in the the Adelaide CBD the decor was neutral with brilliant white walls, blinds and kitchen. I immediately decorated within my almost non-existent budget with a can of white paint and a tin of Dulux Whisper White. I painted all my photo frames, side tables, you name it – if it could be painted, I painted it white. It was so serene and peaceful, the perfect retreat from my demanding job at the time. As soon as I would walk through the door of number 43, I was calm and at ease.

My white colour scheme was skewed after Nick and I married, we bought my parents home, after mum and dad had purchased a new home by the beach. We jumped a the chance of having more space and an extensively renovated home, Dad has a similar love for cream as I have for white. I now live in a home that is cream, the carpet is cream (nightmare!), the bespoke living room cabinets are cream (fortunately a milky cream), the walls are cream (a very 90s yellow sponged cream). And as I am sure I don’t need to tell lovers of white, cream is a poor excuse for white!

A favourite blog is The Design Files, by Melbourne blogger Lucy Feagins. Lucy featured the new White by Kikki K store in her blog. My two loves together in one store. Design inspiration aplenty, clean fresh lines, just the motivation I need for our Summer painting – lovely! Finally after two and a half years I have made plans to reduce the cream, and inject some much needed white, well buttery white so it goes with the kitchen cabinets. This is much to Nick’s horror, as we will be getting out the paint brushes ourselves. Check out the lush White by Kikki K for your self.

White By Kikki-K Photo from The Design Files

White By Kikki-K Photo from The Design Files Blog

My desk (I wish!!) White by Kikki-K Photo from The Design Files Blog

Tonic Giveaway

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BYO Coffee Cup

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