The Ultimate Granite Cleaner

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I have long been a fan of Murchison Humes gorgeous organic cleaning products. But the range is lacking a super granite cleaner. Before I discovered the elegant Murchison Hume range my favoured brand was people against dirty, Method brand. Method have released a specialist cleaner range.

Nothing I have used before brings up the granite as beautifully. My Mum swears by Metho, but it seems to dull the granite. I have used good old Windex, but there are so many chemicals. The delicate and refreshing fragrance of the “Daily Granite” is only the first hint of it’s effectiveness. Upon spraying this beauty on your granite bench top, a quick and easy wipe over, effortlessly leaves your benchtop sparkling clean and your kitchen smelling fabulous. It almost appears to leave a sheen on your counter top, now that really is lovely.


New In Store | PAT SAYS NOW | Laptop Sleeve

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So excited with our new laptop sleeves from Swiss company Pat Says Now, bringing colour to the office. I love what this company sets out to provide, products to brighten the work day of desk bunnies the world over. Offering functional design, that looks great and are of superior quality. It is very much what I try to do at Tonic Gifts.

Louis XIV available from Tonic Gfts

Louis XIV Laptop Sleeve

UK Laptop Sleeve

UK Laptop Sleeve

I have added to our collection the Louis XVI, (yes, it sounds as fabulous as it looks!) and the very hip right now, UK – Must have, my only problem now is which do I choose?

Style Collective – To-Go Ware CONSERVE Bamboo Utensil Set

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Style Collective – To-Go Ware CONSERVE Bamboo Utensil Set.

My New World – According To Bibs

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As a new Mum, I am constantly learning something new and tweaking our routine, so it is just perfect for me and Ava. This throws Ava’a dedicated Dad, who is lives by ‘routine’. But with babies, what was perfect yesterday, can be oh so wrong today, or even five minutes later!
I actually don’t think I had bought a single bib, we we given our gorgeous array of bibs. Very soon we had out favoured bibs, a contemporary self striping white jersey fabric, double thickness. From none other than the finest Red Circle Boutique, yes Target. Fortunately we were very quick in identifying our best bibs, and Mum, Ava’s G-MA rushed out and stocked up on the wondrous said bibs. Never did I think a simple bib would create so much frustration. It wasn’t about the frequent soaking through, and multiple bib changes during a feed. No it was about the fastener and the location of the bib fastener.

The majority of bibs on the market have a Velcro fastener, I am not sure if I am on my own here, but putting Velcro so close to supple, soft babies skin seems crazy. Velcro has its uses, but it is scratchie, and can hurt if the wrong side scratches over the top of your hand. Also Velcro is known for it’s LOUD NOISE, so picture this the said Velcro fastening bibs, placed gently around babies neck. Baby has fed beautifully and fallen in to a delightful sleep. You carefully get up from your feeding chair, make your way to the nursery, place your beauty carefully in her cot. “oh the bib” you think to yourself. So you take the bib off. Bang the poor little love is woken by the most excruciating ripping noise, so close to her ear. She jumps so high, she maybe back into your arms, screaming her little heart out.

I can hear the chorus of “why not leave the bib on?” Well Little Miss is the most restless sleeper I have ever seen, thrashing her little body and head around, just not practical or safe for our little Miss. So began my hunt for press stud fastening bibs. A simple request, or so I thought. I searching all the online baby stores, the funky, the basic and practical, and even ventured to our local Big W, but to no avail.

Finally on, I discovered Real Baby, Sara from Real Baby, whips up her great simple and very absorbent bibs in no time. With friendly, obliging emails, my hunt was over and we now have a plentiful supply of gorgeous bibs for little Miss Ava.

Enough of my bib rant,


a now contented and happy Mummy

Shopping the globe, our small world

November 18, 2009 - 3 Responses

It is no secret to my family and friends that I am an online shopping junkie. Ebay was an early addiction followed by endless online stores, leading to my very own store, Tonic Gifts. But about a year ago my online shopping lead to a whole new world. I had been aware of Etsy for some time, Etsy is an online community spanning the globe with buyers and sellers coming from more than 150 countries. Sellers offer their hand made and vintage wares for all. My first purchase was a birthday present for me! I am exceptional at buying for myself, a beautifully handcrafted picture frame pendant by Simone Walsh . Simone is located in the scenic Blue Mountains of New South Wales. I have to admit I have purchased again from Simone, her work is beautifully crafted and her thoughtful presentation is ideal for giving.

Our dream came true late last year, around Christmas time. I was pregnant, and so the eight months of “morning” sickness soon followed. My “condition” as my Grandmother would have said was spent at home. I had a lot of time to prepare for our baby buying online. Ava’s nursery has been fitted out exclusively with online purchases; it is only the Ikea sofa, a gift from her Grandparents, that was purchased from a physical store!

We decided on an elephant theme for the nursery, I principally bought yellow and aqua and decided that to introduce pink or blue once our bundle arrived. A gorgeous hand crafted elephant mobile by the seller Lollipop Moon from Aurora, Colorado in the US.

This initial elephant purchase resulted in many ‘elephant’ searches on both Etsy and Ebay. I was fortunate to discover Theodora handmade, by artist Jess, a gorgeous collection from her tiny dining table in her small apartment in Melbourne, a gorgeous cushion and hanging elephant with a bell.

Being a proud South Australian, I was delighted to discover Fede, Fiona Dyer is Adelaide artisan with quirky hand made soft toys for babies and children. I purchased Ava’s first Christmas present the most fabulous soft toy hammer and spanner from Fede. I just hope it inspires Ava is be a handy girl like her Mum and not like her happily not so handy Dad. You can read all about Fiona and her designs in her features Etsy interview.

In preparation for Ava’s first visit from Father Christmas, I purchased a santa sack from shelnel on Etsy. I am looking forward to filling up Ava’s Santa sack with many more fabulous finds from Etsy.

My entry today must come to an end, little Miss Ava is sleeping peacefully and there is washing to be done!

Until next time happy shopping!

a fresh new start

November 8, 2009 - 2 Responses

~ A woman can learn a lot from holding a new baby. It is life beginning again—sweet possibilities! No problem in the world is big enough to be remembered. ~

The tonic head quarters has recently gone through many changes. The month of September I launched a new website, introduced a new range of stock and gave birth to my first baby. Ava Margaret Hurley Gormley was born 2nd September, 2009 weighing a tiny 2.6g, she is a treasure and I am enjoying each and every moment with her.  Miss Ava has consumed all of my time over the past eight weeks. Now that Ava is a little older and not feeding, weeing and pooping constantly, I am taking up the kind offers of Miss Ava’s grandparents; and spending time on my beloved, yet neglected Tonic.

With all the new goings on at tonic I decided to start a fresh with a brand new blog. I have closed the previous blog that was started by tonic’s previous owner. Together with the new website I feel invigorated and that the tonic name is really my own. I will be talking about my products, I planned to plug our new retro inspired telephone the Dreyfuss 500. The phone is so fabulous I have sold out within a week. Please email me if you would like to reserve one now, a new shipment is due soon – but I am sure they wont be in store for long.

As all new mothers appreciate, I have been washing like I have never washed before! When my Mum is over she washes all Ava’s clothes by hand, I of course being a 30 something new mum use the hand wash cycle on our front loader. That is as close I will come to hand washing. But having said that I am particular about my washing, when Nick and I first married I struggled to let go of the washing. But yes I soon got over that, I have ‘taught’ him to use liquid for the dark clothing and powder for the whites; separate the dark and the white laundry and only wash similar coloured items together. He does still leaves all the woolies for me, after having a disaster with an expensive Hugo Boss jumper of his.  But something has happened, there is a joy in the laundry I have never experienced before!   Murchison-Hume 100% natural ‘Luxury” laundry soak .  And yes if I am really pressed for time, the laundry soak is perfectly safe to use in your washer. Whilst I have long been a fan of the Murchison Hume range of organic and completely decadent house cleaning products, the introductions of their laundry range has tipped me over the edge!

Here’s what the stylish Max Kater has to say about the new laundry items in her Murchison-Hume line

“Luxury” Laundry Soak
Murchison-Hume’s Luxury Laundry Soak is First Class treatment for your favourite garments. From rugby socks to Rochas, if you love it, soak it! Our highly concentrated, yet easy-to-rinse formula protects your clothing from the rigours of the washing machine. Your garments will not only look better for longer, you’ll be saving your hard-earned dough (and another needlessly expensive trip to the Dry-Cleaner). There’s another added bonus: Secondary down-drain benefits that improve the condition of your wastewater before it hits the eco-system. So you’re not just saving the saving the Prada, you’re also saving the Planet! Good for you.

“Original” Garment Groom

Our debut Laundry product is as clever as it is beautiful. Original Garment Groom is the first ever all-in-one product designed to clean, refresh and prevent stains from settling in on your precious (and even your not-so-precious) clothing.  More than just a “fabric freshener,” GG gets to the root of the problem by actively breaking down oils and surface dirt that cause odour in the first place. Do Less Laundry: Best of all, GG extends the time between laundering your clothing sufficiently enough to wear again another day (and keep the Dry-Cleaner at Bay). Genius. Last night’s party still clinging to the couture?  No problem. Simply spritz, swipe and hang out to dry. Done.  It’s just an all-around workhorse for your wardrobe. Get it? Got it? Good!
Who says you can’t be beautiful and smart?

Well I must say that the good old Softly that Mum purchased for Ava’s washing is now well and truly relegated to the back of the cupboard! It is so lovely to be able to use a product that is free of all the nasty chemicals, it smells amazing and the best is, it actually works!  The laundry looks a treat with the MH Laundry Bags hanging above the washer, the beautiful MH bottles on the stainless bench; freshly wiped clean with MH “Spit and Polish” Chrome and Stainless cleaner. Yes this new Mum is loving her new role, and enjoying keeping my home clean for the Little Miss, as her father refers to her.

Until next time, enjoy your cleaning and give green a go!