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Green Cleaning
April 14, 2010

I have long been a fan of ‘green cleaning’, before it was cool to do so. My favourite cleaning items are bi-carb Soda, salt and vinegar. In fact a cup full of each down your drain is my favourite way to freshen up the bathroom drains. If any of you share my weird love of all things domestic you will know of  divine domestic diva Shannon Lush who offers as cheap and safe alternatives to cleaning our homes.  But I must say I tire of the vinegar smell, yes it’s clean, but that strong smell is at times, well just too much!

I first discovered Murchison-Hume organic house hold cleaning products when I was pregnant. I was able to keep the house clean, and nest despite 8 months of severe morning sickness.  It is difficult to describe just how luxurious and delicious the Murchison-Hume cleaning products are. I once recommended them as a gift for my girlfriends mother-in-law. Her response was “Lou, I really don’t want to give her cleaning products as a birthday present!” To the unwitting that would be a fair comment, but Alison now knows the glory and decadence of Murchison-Hume products.

Heirloom Dish Washing Liquid

Without a shadow of doubt, my favourite Murchison-Hume product is the “Heirloom” Dishwashing Liquid. Being able to display the gorgeous amber glass bottle by the kitchen sink may have something to do with this – yes people it looks fabulous, smells fabulous and performs beautifully!  Is a welcome addition to any sink, especially those of us who have a love of all things beautiful! The pump dispenser is good quality and not flimsy like many generic brands providing effortless dispensing and little waste. (Refills available) Heirloom is a low-foaming formula yet cuts through grease and smells delectable! Max Kater developer of Murchison-Hume, beautiful Mum, and divine domestic diva says that Heirloom dish washing liquid “actually improves the condition of your waste water as it drains. Regular use also helps to keep your plumbing clean and odour free.
Have gleaming, guilt-free dishes while simultaneously improving the environment? Yes, please!”

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a fresh new start
November 8, 2009

~ A woman can learn a lot from holding a new baby. It is life beginning again—sweet possibilities! No problem in the world is big enough to be remembered. ~

The tonic head quarters has recently gone through many changes. The month of September I launched a new website, introduced a new range of stock and gave birth to my first baby. Ava Margaret Hurley Gormley was born 2nd September, 2009 weighing a tiny 2.6g, she is a treasure and I am enjoying each and every moment with her.  Miss Ava has consumed all of my time over the past eight weeks. Now that Ava is a little older and not feeding, weeing and pooping constantly, I am taking up the kind offers of Miss Ava’s grandparents; and spending time on my beloved, yet neglected Tonic.

With all the new goings on at tonic I decided to start a fresh with a brand new blog. I have closed the previous blog that was started by tonic’s previous owner. Together with the new website I feel invigorated and that the tonic name is really my own. I will be talking about my products, I planned to plug our new retro inspired telephone the Dreyfuss 500. The phone is so fabulous I have sold out within a week. Please email me if you would like to reserve one now, a new shipment is due soon – but I am sure they wont be in store for long.

As all new mothers appreciate, I have been washing like I have never washed before! When my Mum is over she washes all Ava’s clothes by hand, I of course being a 30 something new mum use the hand wash cycle on our front loader. That is as close I will come to hand washing. But having said that I am particular about my washing, when Nick and I first married I struggled to let go of the washing. But yes I soon got over that, I have ‘taught’ him to use liquid for the dark clothing and powder for the whites; separate the dark and the white laundry and only wash similar coloured items together. He does still leaves all the woolies for me, after having a disaster with an expensive Hugo Boss jumper of his.  But something has happened, there is a joy in the laundry I have never experienced before!   Murchison-Hume 100% natural ‘Luxury” laundry soak .  And yes if I am really pressed for time, the laundry soak is perfectly safe to use in your washer. Whilst I have long been a fan of the Murchison Hume range of organic and completely decadent house cleaning products, the introductions of their laundry range has tipped me over the edge!

Here’s what the stylish Max Kater has to say about the new laundry items in her Murchison-Hume line

“Luxury” Laundry Soak
Murchison-Hume’s Luxury Laundry Soak is First Class treatment for your favourite garments. From rugby socks to Rochas, if you love it, soak it! Our highly concentrated, yet easy-to-rinse formula protects your clothing from the rigours of the washing machine. Your garments will not only look better for longer, you’ll be saving your hard-earned dough (and another needlessly expensive trip to the Dry-Cleaner). There’s another added bonus: Secondary down-drain benefits that improve the condition of your wastewater before it hits the eco-system. So you’re not just saving the saving the Prada, you’re also saving the Planet! Good for you.

“Original” Garment Groom

Our debut Laundry product is as clever as it is beautiful. Original Garment Groom is the first ever all-in-one product designed to clean, refresh and prevent stains from settling in on your precious (and even your not-so-precious) clothing.  More than just a “fabric freshener,” GG gets to the root of the problem by actively breaking down oils and surface dirt that cause odour in the first place. Do Less Laundry: Best of all, GG extends the time between laundering your clothing sufficiently enough to wear again another day (and keep the Dry-Cleaner at Bay). Genius. Last night’s party still clinging to the couture?  No problem. Simply spritz, swipe and hang out to dry. Done.  It’s just an all-around workhorse for your wardrobe. Get it? Got it? Good!
Who says you can’t be beautiful and smart?

Well I must say that the good old Softly that Mum purchased for Ava’s washing is now well and truly relegated to the back of the cupboard! It is so lovely to be able to use a product that is free of all the nasty chemicals, it smells amazing and the best is, it actually works!  The laundry looks a treat with the MH Laundry Bags hanging above the washer, the beautiful MH bottles on the stainless bench; freshly wiped clean with MH “Spit and Polish” Chrome and Stainless cleaner. Yes this new Mum is loving her new role, and enjoying keeping my home clean for the Little Miss, as her father refers to her.

Until next time, enjoy your cleaning and give green a go!