BYO Coffee Cup By HookTurn Industries

The BYO Coffee cup is one of my favourite products, I use mine daily. Its a cool looking coffee cup you can re-use again and again and again. Made from silicone, it’s firm but flexible, light-weight but tough, and will withstand 200ºC heat. It’s pretty much indestructible. Which means it won’t contribute to the mountain of discarded disposable coffee cups shoved into landfill, that will never decompose because of their polymer lining. The BYO keeps your coffee warm yet it’s cool to the touch. Use it. Wash it. Use it. It’s a way of enjoying the coffee of your choice – without adding more rubbish to the world. Make the change and help save the planet, one coffee at a time.

I often fill mine with a hot tea as I leave home, or to pop into my favourite coffee haunt and get it filled as I head home. It great in the car, the silicon means it sits firmly in the cup holder without any spills. The clever people from HookTurn industries have added a delightful video featuring their BYO Coffee Cup

Hookturn Industries reusable BYO Coffee Cup from Renae on Vimeo.

oh and conveniently I have the cups available from Tonic Gifts, just $10.95


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  1. Omigosh! I have this and loving it so much! so I can make the coffee from home and have it on the go, so convenient! Hey, thanks for following me! x hugs Nattie 😉

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